Why Bryce Harper Says He’s The Best And He’s Going To Change Baseball

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper and his hair are on a mission to change baseball. And, to be the best in show. Harper wants to turn baseball into more of a performance. He wants to be the Cam Newton or LeBron James of the sport. The best, the most exciting, and the most fashionable. 

Harper’s new manager, Dusty Baker, says that the Washington National is something that baseball doesn’t normally see. Baseball players typically don’t engage in the show of sports. They don’t attend fashion events, they don’t dress in designer brands and they don’t have fancy haircuts. 

“Endorsements, fashion — it’s something baseball doesn’t see,” he says. “In soccer, it’s Beckham or Ronaldo. In basketball, it’s Curry and LeBron. In football, it’s Cam. Football and basketball have such good fashion.”

Harper says that’s because baseball’s a tired sport. 

“Baseball’s tired,” he says. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself. You can’t do what people in other sports do. I’m not saying baseball is, you know, boring or anything like that, but it’s the excitement of the young guys who are coming into the game now who have flair. If that’s Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom or Manny Machado or Joc Pederson or Andrew McCutchen or Yasiel Puig — there’s so many guys in the game now who are so much fun.”

In addition to being tired, Harper also thinks that the sport is a bit boring and that’s why kids don’t look up to baseball players as role models anymore. 

“If a guy pumps his fist at me on the mound, I’m going to go, ‘Yeah, you got me. Good for you. Hopefully I get you next time.’ That’s what makes the game fun. You want kids to play the game, right? What are kids playing these days? Football, basketball. Look at those players — Steph Curry, LeBron James. It’s exciting to see those players in those sports. Cam Newton — I love the way Cam goes about it. He smiles, he laughs. It’s that flair. The dramatic.”

Harper has the Houston Texans’ JJ Watt backing him up. 

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