Kathryn Edwards Breaks Her Silence After Deleting Social Media Profiles

Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn Edwards decided to act out a bit at Erika Girardi’s dinner party on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And during the episode, fans may have realized that Kathryn had deleted all of her social media accounts due to the backlash over her behaviour on the show. But she still has her blog for the show, where she can share her feelings. And it sounds like Kathryn has plenty to say about the dinner party where her behaviour was questioned by her fellow co-stars.

According to a new report, Kathryn Edwards is now revealing that Erika may have started the drama with the “web” comment about Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn claims she never did anything wrong, and she continues to deny her involvement in the drama.

“Erika did use the word “web.” You didn’t see it, but she said it and even she acknowledged it. I’m not sure if it was “Vanderpump spins a web,” “don’t get caught in her web” or some other line, but the web word was used,” Edwards reveals in her blog, defending herself from the public criticism. “Much of the dinner conversation was not seen–most likely because it was long–but the truth is we all started off joking with each other, and were having some fun laughs,” she adds.

Of course, Kathryn Edwards has been very open about how she handles secrets. Unless someone says it is a secret, Edwards will talk about anything with anyone, which is why she decided to share the comment about Lisa having a web that people got caught in. Erika thought that they had a private conversation, but this was clearly not the case.

“I much prefer to be upfront and say what I have to say to someone’s face, but as we have all seen, that is far from the way Erika does business,” Kathryn Edwards explains, adding that she doesn’t see herself as being aggressive and offensive with her language. “As far as my language goes…really?! I’m offensive? Erika Girardi doesn’t talk that way in front of Tom, she’s not allowed to act that way in her own home, but Erika Jayne talks a lot of sh– when Tom Girardi isn’t around. Erika Jayne screamed at her guest, Lisa Rinna, her BBQ. Erika Jayne gets loud and obnoxious, too. I hadn’t met Erika Girardi until that night. I didn’t know that the alter ego gets a pass, but Erika Girardi tows a line of decorum. My bad, I know now.”

What do you think about Kathryn Edwards deleting her social media accounts after the criticism she got from her behaviour on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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