Just Another Day At Work: Snake Handler Whistles, Nonchalantly Evades Hissing, Hungry Reptiles At Feeding Time

Just Feeding The Snakes

It’s just another day at work for a snake handler at the Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota. A video clip that’s going viral on social media shows the man whistling and nonchalantly feeding the reptiles dead mice despite some of them acting aggressively by hissing and lunging at him.

The handler deftly uses a metal pole to keep the snakes at bay as he individually plucks them from their drawers and offers them their tasty snacks.

Most of the reptiles are Asiatic Monocled Cobras, reports The Daily Mail.

One YouTube user summed it up perfectly: “This man fears nothing.”

Check it out below:

And here’s another interesting snake video:

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