Scared Shelter Dog Is Transformed After Being Reunited With Her Four Puppies

Mama dog reunites with puppies

Two dogs were recently surrendered to an animal shelter in Novato, Calif., when the employees discovered one of them had recently given birth.

The Marin Humane Society used a bit of “detective work and a lot of convincing” in order to track down the individual who gave up the dogs and get a hold of the four puppies who “still needed their momma and were not in a safe situation.”

The animal shelter was able to capture the reunion on camera, which included “tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.”

The video shows mamma alone by herself in the corner until an employee enters her stall and slowly reintroduces her to her babies.  Mamma’s ears perk up, and she gets super excited as she realizes what’s happening. She wags her tail and leaps onto the employee, thanking her for the amazing surprise.

One YouTube user commented: “This brings me so much joy… Love this, and absolutely love what you’re doing! This gives me so much hope and determination to one day have my own shelter and be able to do things like this…”

Another added: “The great news is that she’s small and small dogs are in high demand. Her pups will probably also be small, making it more likely they’ll find homes.”

According to their website, The Marin Humane Society takes care of over 10,000 domestic and wild animals every year.

The society’s current featured pet is a white bunny rabbit named Cher: “As with her namesake, Cher’s theme song is ‘Believe.’ She believes that there is a loving family out there somewhere just waiting to meet her and take her home.”

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