What We Learned From Tuesday’s Primaries


UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 27: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally at Madison City Schools Stadium, Ala., February 28, 2016. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Tuesday night was a good one for Donald Trump. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Donald Trump stayed strong in the south and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign looked weak, despite high-profile endorsement in the Republican primaries. On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won by a large margin over Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders in Mississippi, continuing her southern dominance, though in Michigan, Sanders pulled out a close win and a stunning upset. And the race continues.

So what’s next for the campaigns and how will they adjust strategies before upcoming debates and important primaries?

Suicide note?: “The world’s longest suicide note by a major political party just got one paragraph longer.”

— Glen Bolger, a longtime Republican pollster

A symbolic victory: “Sanders may have won a symbolic victory in Michigan, but he appears to have lost the delegate fight for the night. You can’t lose states 28-1 as he did in Mississippi and expect to be in real contention at a convention. This is a numbers game. And he is losing it.”

— Rick Ridder, a former Democratic presidential campaign manager

Can Trump make nice?: “Tonight was exactly what was expected on the Republican side. The ball game for Trump is still Ohio and Florida. If he loses them both, it’s awfully tough for him to get 1,237 delegates before Cleveland. If he wins them both, he’s hard to stop.

“For all his marketing savvy, he is failing to do the one thing he needs to do to win now, which is consolidate the support of his rivals. Instead he insults his rivals personally. He’s a branding expert and he’s shining up his own tacky brand. But winning elections is about building ever-bigger coalitions. Trump’s not a coalition guy. He’s a me guy.

No surprise: “Anyone shocked Trump won Mississippi and Michigan isn’t paying attention to his two key message sets.”

— Rick Wilson, Republican consultant

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