Westboro Baptist Church Member Says Donald Trump Is Too ‘Fringe’


A member of the Westboro Baptist Church says Donald Trump is too “fringe” and won’t support him.

At a protest held outside the GOP caucus in Wichita Saturday morning, a demonstrator from the anti-gay church said she won’t be voting for Trump due to his “fringe” views.

“He’s sort of fringe,” Lee Ann Phelps told The Daily Caller.

Phelps’ husband, Timothy, is the youngest son of late Westboro Baptist founder, Fred Phelps Sr. She’s also a registered Democrat. She did say that that she doesn’t consider Trump too “fringe” on gay rights issues, but he isn’t making the issue a priority on the campaign trail. Trump is against legalizing gay marriage at the federal level, however.

The Westboro Baptist Church member thinks Trump is too far out on other topics.

Westboro earned their troubling reputation several years ago by protesting at funerals American soldiers with anti-gay signs. The group claims that America and other Western nations are being punished for accepting the gay lifestyle.

Phelps carried a sign outside the GOP caucus in Wichita that read, “Wicked Leaders Are A Curse From God.” She was next to another sign that depicted a fetus reading,“Shame.”

The Westboro Baptist Church protester had her young son with her carrying a sign reading “America Is Doomed.”

Huffington Post writes that if anything, Trump’s opposing views on LGBT aren’t strong enough for Westboro. In a press release before Saturday’s picket, church officials proclaimed, “Unless you are loudly, boldly and unequivocally proclaiming that ‘God Hates Fags,’ that ‘Fags Doom Nations,’ and that America is therefore doomed, you are not a legitimate candidate to lead this nation in these last, dark days AND you are ashamed of Christ.”

The Westboro Baptist Church protest wasn’t specifically directed at Donald Trump – it was also a protest against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Huffington Post reports.

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