Erin Andrews Unlikely To Collect The $55M She Was Awarded In Lawsuit

Erin Andrews

A Nashville jury awarded $55 million in damages to Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews in her lawsuit against a Marriott hotel and her stalker on Monday. However, Andrews may never be able to collect the full amount. 

West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital operate the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University. They are responsible for 49% of the $55 million. Michael David Barrett is supposed to pay out out the remaining amount. He spent 27 months in prison for stalking Andrews. This means that Barrett is responsible for more than $28 million, while West End Partners must pay over $26 million. 

ABC News legal expert Dan Abrams says that Andrews cannot expect to get such a large sum from Barrett, who was an insurance executive before being sentenced to prison for filming the sports reporter nude. It’s unclear whether or not Barrett is currently employed. 

“The fact that the jury gave him only 51 percent and the hotel 49 percent is about as good as Erin Andrews could have asked for because now she’s got a big number coming from the hotel,” Abrams said.

“Whatever the number is, Erin Andrews is going to take home a lot less than $55 million,” Abrams said.

He added: “She’s going to basically write off the portion for Barrett.”

There is a chance that West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital might not even have the money for the payout. Andrews did not sue Marriott International, the lucrative mothership of Marriott hotels. It’s unknown what the financial situation of these smaller companies is. Certainly, the companies have insurance, but it’s unlikely that the policies cover such a large sum. 

West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital can also go back to court and ask for a reduced amount or appeal. 

(h/t to Sports Illustrated)

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