Camille Cosby says she never read complaint against husband

Cosby was charged December 30 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, one in a long line of accusers and the first to go to authorities (2005).

The part of the deposition that was released is a small excerpt of the February deposition of Camille Cosby that took place in a Springfield, Massachusetts hotel.

The excerpt shows that Camille Cosby, who is represented by four attorneys at the deposition, says she only became aware of Constand’s suit through her husband.

A deposition that Bill Cosby gave in 2005-2006 was obtained by CNN last year. It reveals that the 78-year-old Cosby allegedly admitted that he gave sedatives to women he was planning to have sex with and that he tried to hide affairs he had from his wife.

Cosby’s attorneys assert, among other arguments, that this case overlaps with the Constand case and that “there is a substantial risk that discovery … could be used against (Cosby) in the criminal case.”


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