Cam Newton Implies Peyton Manning Takes HGH

Cam Newton

Cam Newton seemingly took to Instagram to commend Peyton Manning in wake of his retirement announcement. But, Newton included a little dig at Manning in his farewell post.  

Newton shared a photo of him and Manning together after the Super Bowl with the following caption: 

“I am grateful to have shared the field in your LAST game but most importantly I am grateful to have mimicked a style you created to bring out the best in MË! And that style is/was mastering the art of: PREPARAT1ØN. You have changed this game in ways you will never no and I admire the man you are on and off the field. You set the bar H1GH….extremelyH1GH and knowing your family, I know that’s just the norm. I came into this league gagging and still gagging my talents to this day off of the things that YOÜ have done and accomplished; because you are and you will FOREVER be the STANDARD! So long SHER1FF!
#omahaOMAHA #1STpickGÄNG #iWmW

It’s a lovely send off, until Newton slips in: “You set the bar H1GH….extremelyH1GH and knowing your family, I know that’s just the norm.” 

“H1GH,” of course, looks like a reference to human growth hormones. Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley, allegedly received HGH shipments. The fact that Newton added in the “knowing your family” part implies that Newton’s throwing shade at Manning’s wife as well. 

The details around the report that connects Manning to HGH are still sketchy. However, Manning and the Denver Broncos beat Newton and the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 after the Panthers had a nearly perfect season, only losing one game to the Atlanta Falcons. It has got to be hard for Newton to swallow that Manning possibly beat him with the help of banned substances, even there isn’t evidence to support the allegations. 

The NFL is still investigating the Manning situation. 

(h/t Terez Owens)

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