Sloth, Tiger & Other Animals Take Awesome Selfies At Los Angeles Zoo With A Little Help From Google

Tiger at the Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo Botanical Gardens has teamed up with Google to create animal selfies for the public to enjoy.

The tech giant set up cameras in animal enclosures all over park, which automatically snap photos when a creature comes within close proximity to the equipment, reports ABC.

The cameras have been installed for about a week and so far include a giraffe checking out the gadgets, a sloth just hanging around and a very cute warthog. 

Sloth at the Los Angeles Zoo

The zoo revealed on Instagram: “We’re about to get wild with @Google Photos and @ZootopiaDisney. Check back tomorrow to find out what happens when you give a phone to a sloth. Hint: Really great animal selfies. #ZooglePhotos #GooglePhotos.”

It’s unclear how long the cameras will be installed at the zoo, but for a little while the public will be able to enjoy some great pictures from the animals’ perspectives. 

Giraffe los Angeles Zoo

The project was inspired by the new Walt Disney film “Zootopia,” which made over $73 million during its box office debut over the weekend, knocking “Deadpool” from the number-one spot.

It’s the best opening ever for a Disney Animation three-day debut. The film features the voices of Jason Bateman (“Arrested Development”) and Ginnifer Goodwin (“Once Upon A Time”).

Warthog at the Los Angeles Zoo


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