Princess Diana Finally Gets Queen Elizabeth’s Respect?

princess diana

In a new bombshell report, Princess Diana has finally earned Queen Elizabeth’s respect. She thanks the princess for the contribution she’s made to the British Royal Family.

Friends, courtiers past and present, and others part of the queen’s “inner circle” are revealing the change of heart that the queen has regarding Diana.

Daily Mail spoke with one particular friend of the queen’s that reveals she has a newfound appreciation for Princess Diana. Her shift is distinctly different than the position she held for decades … viewing Diana as a “misfit” who was “quite mad.”

“Perhaps, after all, we have rather a lot to thank Diana for,” a friend recalls Queen Elizabeth telling her over a cup of tea at Windsor Castle during their discussion about Prince William and Prince Harry.

This profound reflection comes years after Diana died. Her sons are immensely popular with the entire world and carry on their mother’s core values of relating to everyday people. They demonstrate sincere compassion and aren’t afraid to be a “free spirit” themselves as members of the Royal Family.

“She would never say now that Diana hasn’t contributed to the family,” says the queen’s friend. “She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people. It is Diana that they see. That sense of fun, that easy way with people.”

Princess Diana pushed back at Queen Elizabeth’s stance on several occasions. Diana was known for her charitable work with Aids … and when she first approached her mother-in-law about bringing awareness to it, she wasn’t fully on board.

“Can’t you do something nice?” the queen purportedly responded.

Diana’s former police bodyguard, Inspector Ken Wharfe, recalls: “The Princess wasn’t put off by the Queen’s reaction. She told me she’d told Her Majesty that it was ‘important work.’”

Wharfe went on to say that Diana was smarter than people gave her credit for and “knew what she was talking about when it came to Aids.”

The queen’s “inner circle” says that she has “privately conceded that Diana was right and that the huge strides in Aids research, which have led to drugs that enable its victims to live relatively normal lives, owe much to the Princess drawing attention to the syndrome and breaking down prejudices.”

Diana was open about the troubled marriage she had with Prince Charles and called out the affair he was having with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Everything the queen wanted to keep under wraps was disclosed to the public by Diana. The public loved her all the more for it.

The queen realizes now that no matter what differences she and Diana had, the princess had a galvanizing effect on the British Royal Family. The institution is in the state it is thanks to the contribution she made that is a continuing legacy with her sons.

In other news, Britain’s Express reports that Princess Diana was the most iconic woman of all time. She beat other contenders, such as Madonna and Britain’s first prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

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