LeBron James Goes On A Kanye-Like Twitter Rant

LeBron James

LeBron James has up’d his Twitter game recently with a series of cryptic tweets. There’s always the chance that the social media platform has started to throw more change LeBron’s way and he’s earning his keep. However, the rant seems to be very telling. 

The Cleveland Cavalier refused to talk about the tweets in an interview

LeBron has been open that he’s having issues with the team. These tweets seem to feed into that. Furthermore, there has recently been rumors that he will leave Cleveland. He also worked out with former teammate Dwyane Wade in Miami this week. 

In the third quarter of the Cavs game against the Boston Celtics, LeBron passed Tim Duncan on the NBA career scoring list. Duncan has 26,366 career points. LeBron has 26,378 points. He will soon pass John Havlicek at No. 13 with 26,395.

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