Kenya Moore Announces Moving Date For Moore Manor

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore announced last year that she had bought some property and she would be building her very own house – down the street from Sheree Whitfield’s home. But Kenya made sure that everyone knew that she would not be working on the home for five years without moving in. Moore told everyone, including Sheree, that it would only take a few months and she would be moving in. But she has now revealed that she’s packing up her things and she’s getting ready to move into her home.

According to a new Instagram, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she’s excited to move into her home and she only has two weeks left. “#MooreManor #Masterbath #ModernHomes 12 days to move in… So excited,” Kenya Moore revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of a bathroom. She did hint that the bathroom was indeed her very own bathroom and that she would be moving into the home in just weeks.

#MooreManor #masterbath #modernhomes 12 days to move in… So excited

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on Mar 2, 2016 at 2:27pm PST

It is interesting that Moore is already done with her home, despite being delayed. Sheree has ben working on her mega mansion for 5 years and it is possible that she’s not even close to ready to completing the home. There were rumors of poor financing and mold, so Sheree may be struggling to pay for the home. Kenya Moore, on the other hand, may have been smart with her finances and she may have completed the home, knowing how much money it would require the complete her dream vision. No word on whether her boyfriend Matt will be moving in with her. Plus, there are rumors that she’s pregnant, so she could be preparing for her very own family in this time. If this is the case, then the moving day is perfect.

What do you think of Kenya Moore being able to move into her home? Are you surprised that things are going so fast with her construction?

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