Watch Super Saturday Results Live Stream: State-By-State Winners — March 5 Primary Results

Super Saturday Results

Super Saturday is here! Which Democratic and Republican presidential candidates will win the most delegates in the March 5 caucuses and primaries?

Preliminary results and projected winners are starting to come in as polls and caucus sites in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, and Nebraska close. Major news sites including CNN are broadcasting the results live on TV, but you can get live state-by-state results below and real-time coverage via the free live stream links and mobile apps below.

Scroll down for an updated list of Super Saturday winners, find out how many delegates that are up for grabs for each state, and check out the live Twitter feed with the latest information on the Democratic and Republican primary results.

Republican Caucuses

A total of 155 delegates are available on Saturday — 2,383 are needed to win the nomination.

  • Kansas (40 delegates) — Ted Cruz wins per CNN
  • Kentucky (46 delegates) – pending
  • Louisiana (46) – pending
  • Maine (23 delegates) – Ted Cruz wins per CNN (Cruz 12 delegates, Trump 9 delegates, Kasich 2 delegates)

Democratic Primaries and Caucuses

A total of 125 delegates are available on Saturday — 2,383 are needed to win the nomination.

  • Louisiana (58 delegates) – Hillary Clinton wins per CNN
  • Nebraska (30 delegates) – Bernie Sanders wins per CNN
  • Kansas (37 delegates) — Bernie Sanders wins per CNN

Super Saturday Live Stream and Mobile Coverage

CNN has live Super Saturday coverage happening right now on your local CNN TV channel or via their live stream on or the CNN app.

FOX News is also providing full coverage and results via their live stream on or by downloading the FOXNews app.

Check the Wall Street Journal’s Primary Voting Map for detailed results.

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