Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Tweets ‘Feeling Good’ After Health Issue

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh says he’s feeling better after a recent health scare

Bosh also shared that he worked out on Saturday.

The Miami Heat player did not offer further details. The status of his health remains unclear. This is the first update in several weeks. 

Bosh did not play in the NBA All-Star Game because of what was reported by the team as a calf strain. Multiple sources have confirmed to ESPN that Bosh’s condition is more serious than the strain. Heat officials have avoided providing specific details on what exactly’s the issue.

A source with knowledge of Bosh’s situation later told the Associated Press that a blood clot was found in Bosh’s calf, and that he was back on blood-thinning medication. This has not been confirmed. 

Last season, Bosh missed the final 30 games to treat a blood clot in his lungs.

Bosh has not played in three weeks. Pat Riley said last month he thinks Bosh is trying to find a way back to the court this season. 

The Miami Herald reported that Bosh is currently trying to find a creditable doctor to clear him. 

The Herald reported: 

Though Chris Bosh has been hoping to find a credible doctor who believes it’s safe for him to play this season despite taking blood thinners for a clot in his calf, the Heat’s doctors would need to be on board with that before he would be allowed to play. And there would be serious apprehension on the Heat’s part to allow that without serious convincing, because Bosh’s health is the team’s priority.

Athletes are not typically allowed to play contact sports while on blood thinners as they increase the risk of bleeding. 

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