Kendrick Lamar Releases New Album Because LeBron James Asked Him To

Kendrick Lamar

LeBron James asked for some new Kendrick Lamar music after Lamar’s Grammy performance last month

Late Thursday night, Lamar granted the Cleveland Cavalier’s request. He tweeted out his new album, titled, “untitled unmastered.”

When LeBron James asks, LeBron James receives. 

When asked about their friendship after Cleveland’s shootaround on Friday, LeBron said: “Is there any backstory? Um, it’s just family ties,” James said. “That’s all. It’s family ties.”  

Of course, the Cav listened to the album. “It was great,” James said. “I think he’s great. It’s great to have family like that and people — even in different areas, not just in sports — that you can look to and hear for inspiration and things of that nature.”

James wouldn’t take credit for the release.

He tweeted: 

James has been hanging out with Drake as of late so maybe Lamar just wanted to be LeBron’s No. 1 rapper friend. 

In the surprise album release, Lamar called out Drake. The two rappers have been at it for years so it’s unlikely they are fighting over LeBron’s friendship. 

Lamar sings: 

“I gotta take it there, I ain’t even playin’ no more, said you just make me wanna Drake you down, to the ground ground ground, like bam, bam, bam, bam, you just make me wanna Drake you down, down, around like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.”

The 6 God has to answer big. 

Drake will release his new album in April. It’s currently in the “home stretch.” Drake’s producer even posted an Instagram photo outside Bed, Bath Beyond. He was purchasing bedding and suggested in the caption he would be sleeping on the studio floor. 

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