Examining The Tough Times For The Boston College Eagles And Rutgers Scarlett Knights

BC Basketball

The last few years have not been too kind to the basketball and football programs of Boston College and Rutgers University, as both schools have officially hit rock bottom of division one collegiate athletics.

In 2015-2016, BC is a combined 0-25 in conference games in both football (0-8) and basketball (0-17). A loss on Saturday by the Eagle basketball team (7-23) at home to Clemson would make the Eagles the first division one school in a major conference to go winless in football and basketball conference play since the 1943-1944 Georgia Bulldogs. Maybe the most infamous BC loss in 2015-2016 was this blunder in the final seconds of their football game against Wake Forest:

On Wednesday, the Eagles held a 72-71 lead over North Carolina State with just over a second to play in the game and were on the verge of ending the miserable conference losing streak. However, NC State’s Maverick Rowan was left unguarded under the BC basket on the final inbound of the game, was fed a pass and laid the ball in as time expired to keep BC’s nightmare conference losing streak alive. The Eagles just cannot catch a break. 

2015-2016 may be a year to forget about for Boston College sports, and if the losing on the court/gridiron wasn’t enough, some of the Eagles basketball players got food poisoning from a local Chipotle back in November. The Eagles can still save themselves from infamy by winning on Saturday against the Tigers (16-13), but if they fail to do so, the fate of the BC athletic program will rest in the hands of the school’s hockey team, which is currently 24-5-5 and No. 3 in the country. 

Rutgers men’s basketball, meanwhile, is also winless in BIG-10 Conference play (0-17) in 2015-2016 and is currently sitting at 6-24. The Scarlett Knight football team (4-8) was able to muster out a win against Indiana back in October (55-52), so at least, Rutgers is safe from going winless in conference play in their two biggest sports like BC is on the verge of doing. Besides all the losing Rutgers has done since moving to the BIG-10, the school has also dealt with a firestorm of bad publicity over the last several seasons. Most infamously, when ex-basketball coach Mike Rice was taped hitting and throwing basketballs at his players while using gay slurs. 

Boston College, meanwhile, is no stranger to scandals either after their infamous 1978-1979 point shaving scandal with the mob, but recently, the school has been able to keep its nose clean and has not had any type of scandals revolving around their football or basketball programs like Rutgers has had. 

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon stated on their show, Pardon The Interruption on Thursday, that they both feel bad for the kids playing football and basketball at Boston College for having to endure such terrible losing seasons. However, both agreed that they hope BC loses every single conference game because as they say, the school began the massive migration in college athletics when they left the Big East for the ACC in 2005.

Whether or not you feel disdain towards Boston College or Rutgers, you never want to see a team go winless throughout the entire conference slate, especially in its two biggest sports in football and basketball. It’s hard to decide which school’s athletic program is hurting more right now, but one has to think that going winless in your two biggest money making sports gives the edge to Boston College. As for Rutgers, it is only going to get a lot worse having to face off against Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa in both football and basketball every year. #prayforBC #prayforRU

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