Donald Trump Thought About Missing Next Debate Megyn Kelly Will Co-Moderate

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Donald Trump considered bailing out of Thursday night’s GOP debate to be co-moderated by Megyn Kelly.

A well-placed source informed New York magazine that Trump thought he’d send a “powerful signal” by not being present at the debate because he doesn’t declare Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio credible rivals at this point in the game. He crushed the primaries on Super Tuesday with Cruz trailing behind him and Rubio even further in the back.

The insider added that the bonus would be “sticking it” to Fox News network chief, Roger Ailes, and anchor, Megyn Kelly, because it would put a damper on their ratings.

“Why give them the audience?” the source explained.

Trump snubbed the last Fox News debate, which attracted 12.5 million viewers — down 50 percent from the first GOP debate.

The magazine called Trump spokesperson, Hope Hicks, about rumors Donald Trump might skip the Detroit debate.

Hicks said the GOP frontrunner will “definitely” attend Thursday’s debate.

The other source then explained Trump changed his mind because he aimed to maintain an “element of surprise.”

According to the magazine, at least one Fox News contributor claimed on Monday that Trump was ready to skip the debate if he did well on Super Tuesday.

“Rumor has it if he does well tomorrow he’s then going to blow it off,” the contributor said Monday.

As for what Donald Trump can expect from Megyn Kelly on Thursday night’s debate, she told Extra that she has her questions lined up for him from the last debate he missed on January 28.

“I have my questions that I wanted to ask him at the last debate and I just moved them right over to this debate, so that’s my plan,” Kelly said. “Those that were wanting to see what I would ask him in Iowa, tune in Thursday.”


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