Bravo, Mitt! Romney attacks Trump in fact-filled, morally compelling speech

I thought Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday in Utah was lucid, morally compelling, factually and analytically correct in every way — and maybe too late. We will see. 

The funny thing is that so many people are claiming that Romney was “sent” by the establishment to do this. This is nonsense.

Romney did this because the establishment doesn’t exist. Everyone thinks there’s some all-powerful Republican Oz or star chamber behind the scenes calling the shots.

The truth is the opposite. It’s only because the cockpit is empty that Romney tried to grab the throttle. For months, nearly every responsible party has been waiting for someone else to come riding to the rescue and fix the problem of Trump.

The posse was never coming. And it’s only dawned on those opposed to Trump, at a very late hour, that it falls to them to do what they can. 

Many will be infuriated by Romney’s call for tactical voting by anti-Trump voters. This is silly. Tactical voting is part of the process and always has been.

Most Republican voters are still not onboard the Trump train. Voting to stop Trump isn’t violating the will of the majority, it is the will of the majority.

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