‘New Girl’ Season 5, Episode 9 Recap: ‘The Heat Wave’

New Girl Heat Wave

With a heat wave cresting through, everyone stays indoors, making for … an EXTREME BOTTLE EPISODE! Keeping the loft crew stuck inside has made for some of “New Girl’s” best half-hours, but with temperatures so high, can everyone stay focused enough to put on a show? Of course, Nick has already been his most indelible when sweaty and babbling, so there is surely, at least, one reason to watch. With tensions running high, two pairs are forced to confront their most volatile emotions. They both result in breakthroughs though one leads to more questions than answers.

Nick definitely has a crush on Reagan, which is a step up from just being attracted to her. She has a knockout appearance and a confident air, so she is used to the attraction. But she is not quite used to the exact sort of attention Nick is giving her. Partly, that is because there is nobody quite like Nick Miller. He is one of the wildest, most unique TV characters of this decade. There has to be a little more than physical beauty to someone for him to remain obsessed. He has to find her fascinating. Reagan piques his interest, because she gives him the time of day, appearing simultaneously interested and disinterested. She is straightforward about that and everything else.

Reagan also finds Nick fascinating. That is not to say she has a crush on him, but his company is generally enjoyable. Also, she probably likes the challenge of trying to figure him out. She has a solid first read on him, as she does of everybody, but she is so far away from fully understanding him and his own unique brand of logic. In the crossroads of fascination and frustration lies a game of chicken in which everyone loses.

Nick would like his tussle with Reagan over the proper method for staying cool to really be about the feelings for each other that they are hiding. But there is no good reason to think that, both in terms of his logic and normal people logic. He really does believe that the “Ranch system” is a good idea, or he is just too stubborn to admit otherwise, though in Nick’s case, there is not necessarily a difference. Reagan’s position is infallible in terms of comfort and health. But it ignores emotions – emotions that Nick is focusing so hard on at the expense of himself, but important nonetheless. They are operating from such different spheres of reference that their interactions cannot help but be fiery, which is fun but also a little dangerous.

The relief that spills out when Reagan kisses Nick is nowhere near as cathartic as the ultimate “New Girl” kiss, back in Season 2’s “Cooler.” Obviously, Nick and Reagan are nowhere near where Nick and Jess were at that time. Also, there is no promise that this moment will even lead to anything more. Reagan is spontaneous and wary of attachment, and Megan Fox is not signed up for the show long-term. But it is kind of nice that they have a moment that passionate to share: the impossible girl becomes possible to the guy who constantly gives up but never gives up.

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