‘MH370 debris’ probed off Mozambique

French gendarmes and police carry a large piece of plane debris on Reunion islandImage copyright

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A wing part from MH370 was found on the French island of Reunion in July 2015

Investigators searching for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are examining images of an object found off the coast of Mozambique, reports say.

The piece of debris, reportedly found on a sandbank off the coast of the eastern African country, could be from a Boeing 777, according to NBC news.

MH370 disappeared in March 2014 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. All 239 people on board remain missing.

One confirmed piece of debris has been found before, on Reunion Island.

Missing Malaysia plane MH370: What we know

Investigators in Malaysia, Australia and the US have seen photographs of the new object and say there is a good chance it came from a Boeing 777, according to NBC News.

NBC said the debris was found by an American man who has been tracking the investigation into the missing flight.

Mozambican authorities have no information on the sighting of the object, interior ministry spokesman Inacio Dina told Reuters.

The US National Transportation Safety Board and aircraft manufacturer Boeing also declined to comment.

The object was found in the same part of the southern Indian Ocean as the only previously confirmed piece of MH370 debris, which washed up on Reunion Island in July 2015.

Based on satellite communications data, MH370 is thought to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

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