Megyn Kelly’s Plan For Donald Trump On Thursday’s GOP Debate

megyn kelly

Megyn Kelly’s plan for Donald Trump at this Thursday’s GOP debate in Detroit is a simple one. She’s not letting the GOP presidential candidate off so easy after he dodged questions she had lined up for him at the last debate she anchored with Fox News.

“Tuesday night is Super Tuesday, Wednesday I leave for Detroit, Thursday night we anchor the Republican debate in Detroit,” she told Extra. “It’s going to be a whirlwind.”

Megyn says she’s ready for Trump and isn’t cutting him any slack!

“I have my questions that I wanted to ask him at the last debate and I just moved them right over to this debate, so that’s my plan,” Kelly continued. “Those that were wanting to see what I would ask him in Iowa, tune in Thursday.”

The Fox News anchor admits that Trump is making this crazy presidential race more interesting in all aspects. She says he’s “made this a fascinating race to cover — he is a gift to media in terms of covering this news story. Having said that, he is a very controversial figure.”

Megyn Kelly believes Donald Trump’s biggest challenge is uniting the Republican party because many “feel very alienated by him, if he secures this thing.

Prior to Super Tuesday, Kelly wasn’t completely ruling out Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — or even Kasich. She added that Carson is “on a nonexistent path at this point, though he’s a charming man.”

Look for an explosive exchange between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump when she confronts him about his hesitance in disavowing the endorsement of David Duke of the KKK on Sunday. She asked Trump’s spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, about the billionaire blaming a bad earpiece over not disavowing Duke unequivocally in an interview with Jake Tapper.

If anyone can throw the unexpected at Donald Trump in a debate, it’s Megyn Kelly. If anyone thought their exchange at the first debate was tense, the one on Thursday could far surpass it.

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