Next ‘Bachelorette’ Announcement Just Days Away: Which One Of Ben Higgins’ Ladies Will Be Handing Out Roses?

Chris Harrison

When will Chris Harrison introduce the next Bachelorette? Ben Higgins season of the Bachelor comes to a close in just two weeks and fans are excited to find out which one of his rejected ladies will hand out roses as ABC’s 12th Bachelorette.

Will Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, or Becca Tilley get the gig or will it be one of Ben’s final two ladies, Lauren B. or JoJo Stanton? 

Host Chris Harrison is expected to make the big reveal on the After the Final Rose special that airs right after Ben hands out his final rose on March 14. Until then, the unconfirmed chatter will continue, but there’s a good chance that Caila Quinn — who was eliminated after her Fantasy Suite date — will be introduced on the ATFR

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss recently told Us Weekly that they are moving towards casting someone who is “non-white,” but he didn’t say if that would happen immediately.

Reality Steve states that if the franchise wants to address their diversity issue, Caila Quinn may end up getting the gig, but he is confident that fan favorite Jubilee Sharpe will not be picked. 

As far as Becca Tilley goes, she’s certainly popular with fans, but Steve doesn’t think that will happen since the Bachelorette is typically someone who makes it to the hometown dates.

That leaves Amanda, Caila, JoJo and Lauren. Although many fans gave the thumbs up to JoJo when Mike Fleiss asked who they should pick, considering she is one of the final two it would be difficult to see her transition from “so in love with Ben” to “I’m ready to meet 28 new guys.”

Amanda is yet another contestant from Ben’s season who is popular with fans and it wouldn’t be the first time a single mom was cast as the Bachelorette — remember Emily Maynard? However, once Fleiss started talking about diversity, it may have lessened Amanda’s chances.

Reality Steve states that if Fleiss is “telling the truth” and wants to bring some diversity to the show, picking Caila makes the most sense, but will she be a hit with fans?

One look at the tweets about her and it appears that fans wouldn’t be thrilled if she’s picked, but in reality, it doesn’t really matter who is picked — the 28 guys who will be cast to win her heart (or find fame!) is what die-hard Bachelorette fans tune in to see.

Who would you like to see as the next Bachelorette?

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