Report: Peyton Manning Will Acknowledge Retirement Within The Week, Broncos Move On

Peyton Manning

Two sources tell the Denver Post Peyton Manning will publicly acknowledge his decision to retire by the end of this week. 

Last week, Broncos executive John Elway said that Manning needed more time to decide whether or not he will retire. The team continues to stand by that claim. 

The 39-year-old who turns 40 next month will finish his 18-year NFL career with 71,940 passing yards and 539 touchdown passes if he leaves now. He won Super Bowls, one with the Denver Broncos and another with the Indianapolis Colts. 

The Broncos are moving on without Manning. The team has focused on keeping Brock Osweiler as Manning’s replacement and may even use the franchise tag to make sure he stays in Denver. 

A source told that, “the Broncos are proceeding with contract negotiations with other players without counting Manning and his $19 million salary on their books for salary cap purposes.”  

While Manning’s career is almost flawless, problems are seeping from his personal life and onto ESPN. Manning’s alarming old sexual assault allegations have recently resurfaced and he is still deep in his HGH case. 

Before the Super Bowl, it was reported that Manning bullied and threatened the man who accused him of having HGH sent to his home in his wife’s name. 

Manning allegedly sent hired help to force a retraction from Al Jazeera’s key source. Two men reportedly visited the home of Charlie Sly’s parents, looking for him. The incident ended with a 911 call. 

An NFL investigation is still ongoing. 

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