Ben Higgins Ladies Spoil ‘Bachelor’ Season Finale With These ‘Women Tell All’ Snapchat Pics

Women Tell All Ben HIggins

Bachelor Ben Higgins’ rejected ladies taped the Women Tell All special on Saturday night. During the after party in L.A. some of the Snapchat pics (below) they shared may have ruined the season finale for fans who have been trying to avoid spoilers.

Ben’s final two girls were not part of the WTA taping. However, it appears that the spoilers are correct — the girl he sends home on this week’s overnight dates, Caila Quinn was at the taping and the after party in Los Angeles.

Women Tell All Ben HIggins

Women tEll All Caila

Although producers tried to keep her identity a secret, contestants Lauren Himle, Lace Morris, and Leah Block all snapped photos that all but ruined the upcoming overnight dates episode. On Saturday night, one of the final three girls, Caila Quinn faced Ben on stage for the first time since she was sent home at the second-to-last rose ceremony in November. She was also at the private Women Tell All after party, confirming predictions that she will go home after spending the night in the Fantasy Suite with Ben.

Also present at the party when taping for the Women Tell All was complete were Amanda Stanton, Olivia Caridi, Jen Saviano, Becca Tilley, Lauren Himle, Emily and Haley Ferguson, Jami Letain, Amber James, Jubilee Sharpe, and several other girls who were rejected by Ben.

Women Tell All caila quinn

Although Olivia Caridi and the rest of the cast members were expected to be at the taping, they chose to stay away from the girls who were using Snapchat — or simply didn’t show up for taping. throughout the night, even catching a few Snaps with producer Elan Gale.

Women Tell All Ben HIggins

Women tEll All Caila

The Bachelor: Women Tell All special airs March 7 on ABC, one week before the season finale. While it appears that most of the girl got along during their time on the show, fans are anxious to see how things play out when Olivia Caridi gets in the hot seat. Although Lace Morris was pegged to be this season’s villain, Olivia took the most heat from the girls, both for monopolizing Ben’s time during group dates and directing her now-famous “Teen Mom” comment at Amanda.

If it’s any indication of how things turned out, Amanda and Olivia appeared to be having a great time at the after-party, so it appears that much of went on during the show may have been prompted by producers.

women tell all olivia

Before the Women Tell All special airs next Monday, fans will see Ben take his final three girls (Caila, Lauren B., and JoJo) to Jamaica for the overnight dates on Monday, February 29. Although the Snapchats from the WTA after party may have given away that Caila was eliminated at the Week 9 rose ceremony, the episode will be one worth watching — fans will see him declare his love for not one, but two of his final ladies.

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