Saturday TV Guide: ‘MythBusters’ Takes On Reddit In ‘Reddit Special’


Saturday’s TV viewing is highlighted by a new episode of Discovery’s MythBusters in which stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman test out myths taken from the Internet community Reddit.

Fittingly titled “Reddit Special,” the hour-long episode features ideas submitted by Reddit users and chosen by Savage and Hyneman. Check out the duo’s amusingly overdramatic, boxing-themed trailer for the installment:

To go along with the theme, Discovery has also posted what appears to be a clip from the production of the episode. It shows Savage logging into Reddit to take part in an “Ask Me Anything” question and answer session.

The forum kicks off with a joke inquiry as to whether or not Hyneman and his famous mustache are protected from seal hunting. We think they mean walrus, but hmm. And the questions only get weirder from there:

“Reddit Special” is the eighth of 11 final episodes of MythBusters, which was cancelled by Discovery earlier this month. This is its 19th season, with almost 250 episodes of scientific experiments.

Next week is labeled “The MythBusters Grand Finale,” but it’s actually not the end: the week after that, the show will broadcast a “Reunion Episode,” and the week after that a purportedly never before seen installment called “Duct Tape.”

MythBusters airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

Also airing new episodes tonight are Spike’s Cops, Starz’s Black Sails, and Esquire’s Beowulf. NBC will broadcast hockey, with the Detroit Red Wings taking on the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL’s Stadium Series at 8 p.m. Rounding out the choices for the evening is the Lifetime TV-movie Suicide Note, starring Stephen Colletti and Brant Daugherty.

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