RIP Cowboys: Jerry Jones Says Tony Romo Will Be QB For 4 To 5 More Years

Tony Romo

The class of quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft looks pretty weak on paper. That’s not an issue for the Dallas Cowboys because they aren’t looking to pick up a starting QB.

Current first string Tony Romo will have shoulder surgery in March, supposedly a preventative measure

He confirmed he’ll have surgery and is getting a plate put in his shoulder, something he called “preventative” on Saturday.

“We’re just going to do it for preventative,” Romo said. “As far as the way I feel, I feel good. We just want to make sure that obviously it doesn’t happen again, so we’ll probably just put a plate on it and go from there.”

“Putting a plate on it … really you’re just doing it to ensure next year when you take a hit,” Romo continued. “If I can do something that helps me to ensure that the bone doesn’t break next time, I think that’s good for everybody. It’s a small procedure; it’s not very big.”

Even with this information, Jerry Jones says the next Cowboys quarterback isn’t being tested and evaluated at the combine right now. 

Romo is currently 35-years-old. He’ll be 36 in April, well before the next season begins. That means Jones thinks he can be a starting quarterback until he’s 40. 

Romo isn’t Tom Brady. He drinks coffee. 

The Cowboys have the No. 4 pick in this year’s draft.

There is some light in Dallas. Jason Garrett has met with several QBs for formal visits in Indianapolis. Garrett is in Indy for the scouting combine, along with Jerry. But, if patterns hold true in Dallas, it doesn’t really matter what Garrett wants. Jones will do what he wants. His son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, infamously had to snatch Johnny Manziel’s draft card out of his father’s hand in 2014.

Even after Garrett and his staff strongly advised against drafting Manziel. 

“Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones had snatched the Manziel card straight out of his dad’s hand. Otherwise, Jerry would have drafted him and JFF would have sat for at least three years behind Tony Romo,” Jim Dent wrote in an excerpt provided to the Dallas Morning News.

The Jones family even had a little argument about Johnny during the draft. In the end, Stephen won, and Jerry was “damn mad.” 

It’s Jerry’s team. Garrett is just living in it. 

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