‘Impractical Jokers’ Scorecard: ‘Ruffled Feathers’

Impractical Jokers

On this week’s episode of Impractical Jokers, the fabulous foursome of flailing are once again trying to drum up interest in unconventional products, doing everything but selling shoes, and then spoiling everyone else’s day at the zoo. And the loser of this episode is getting into a nasty habit of losing. Read on for our scorecard for “Ruffled Feathers.”

Challenge #1: Life’s a Pitch

The Jokers are once again trying to pitch crazy products to focus groups, except this time they’re doing it solo rather than teams of two. Murr’s “Crotch Watch” is the last place you’d want a timepiece, but he does his absolute best to sell it and gets two of three votes (see the clip below). Q’s “Jalapeno Milk” necessitates him making up cereals that don’t exist and talking about importing cows from Mexico, but he only gets one vote.

At least those guys have product labels they can work with. Joe just gets a briefcase full of cat litter, and only nabs one vote too. That leaves Sal, who has the most unwieldy product of all. It’s a tire with doll parts glued to it, like the cheap cousin of that mutant baby from the Super Bowl commercial. It’s not surprising that he can’t get anyone to vote for him.

Loser: Sal

Winner: Murr, for having the most votes despite the awkward product placement (literally)

Challenge #2: Sole Brothers

The guys are back in another shoe store, saying and doing as they’re told. Sal winds up looking like a perv, while Murr (apparently the only one of the four slim enough to fit into the company work shirt) gives unsolicited fashion advice to one shopper. Joe has to ask people if they’re “here for the threesome” while he just looks utterly disappointed (see the clip below). Last but not least, the guys test Q’s ability to get high-fives for every nonsensical statement, and push him to his limit by making him ask an inappropriate question about a baby.

Loser: None

Winner: Joe, for that perfect puppy-dog face

Big Loser: Sal (yet again)

The Punishment: He’s forced to pose as an animal expert at a local zoo, which is just asking for disaster, especially with Q as his unhelpful “wingman.” The first creature Sal has to handle is, appropriately, a ferret. After that comes a lizard that he wants no part of and tries to pass off to Q, but Q won’t let him get off that easily. Cue Sal’s first panic attack, but that’s nothing compared to what happens when the hawk shows up. Sal won’t even look it in the eye, and winds up begging the animal handler for help while the crowd just stares at him. That’ll teach him to go to Africa.

Impractical Jokers airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on TruTV.

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