Grayson Allen Is The Latest Villain To Play For Duke

Grayson Allen

Over the years, college basketball fans all around the country have held a shared hatred for the Duke Blue Devils for a multitude of reasons:

1.) They Win


2.) Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K

3.) Their Loud/Obnoxious Fans

Cameron Crazies

Duke is the cream of the crop for Division I college basketball programs, and as everybody knows, people love seeing the king fall. That is why, whenever the Duke Blue Devils are in town, the game is sold out and the fans are treating that game like it is the national championship. 

Like most sports dynasties such as the New England Patriots, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Lakers, all the great Blue Devil teams over the years have had at least one player who the rest of the country eyes as “the villain of college basketball.” Players such as J.J. Reddick, Greg Paulus, Christian Laettner, and now, Grayson Allen. It isn’t really a question as to why people hate these players? It’s more a question of how they hate them. With Greg Paulus, fans loved to chant things such as “Teabag Paulus” his way. 

Christian Laettner pretty much heard every nasty chant in the book directed towards him during his four years at Duke and is notoriously known to be hated by Kentucky fans, who made their own t-shirt line expressing their hate towards him.

Christian Laettner

After Grayson Allen’s second tripping incident in less than a month last night in the closing seconds against Florida State, it is easy to assume that the college basketball world has already eyed Allen as the next great Duke villain. With one national championship already under his belt from a season ago, Allen has quickly become the next in line to receive the harsh criticisms of being the “bad guy” at Duke. 

As much as you may want to hate Grayson Allen or Duke, it may not be a bad thing to have a villain in college basketball. It adds more excitement to the game, and in a season that has seen more top-5 teams fall than any other in the history of the sport, it may not be a bad thing for America to have at least one team/guy to unanimously root against come tournament time. And seeing how Grayson is only a sophomore, we should be in for a couple years worth of Allen-hate. 

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