WWE’s Seth Rollins Breakups Up With Wrestler Girlfriend

Seth Rollins, Zahra Schreiber

Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber have called it quits, according to the ProWrestlingSheet. 

The wrestling couple reportedly broke up about a month ago. Schreiber has posted photos of her new apartment on Instagram. Her apartment is really nice and modern. If the couple shared the dog, Schreiber kept him according to her posts. 

The couple appeared to be together for about a year before ending things in January. 

Schreiber was fired from the WWE, for get this, posting photos of swastikas on her Instagram account. Rollins stood by her after she was fired and the relationship continued on. Schreiber says she developed interest in the Holocaust after visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany. She posted a photo showing, “how disturbed I was by the entire place.” 

When she posted the pictures she said, “I like history ha.” She also said, “The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon.”

Rollins cheated on his fiancee with Zahra last year. His ex-girlfriend responded by posting “sexting” pictures of Rollins and Schreiber on Twitter, including photos of Rollins completely naked. They made their way onto TMZ. Not a good look for a WWE champ.  

Rollins was injured last year during a match with Kane in Ireland. He tore the ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus when a move he was attempting went wrong. He was forced to vacate the WWE championship after holding it for months. Rollins is said to be head of schedule in his rehab recovery. There are rumors that Rollins will return at Wrestlemania 32. However, that would be an extremely early return date. 


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