Von Miller Wants To Be Highest-Paid Defensive Player In The NFL

Von Miller

When you win the Super Bowl and render Cam Newton useless, you typically have your pick of teams. Welcome to Von Miller’s life. While, Miller has interested in staying with the Denver Broncs, his first order of business is to be the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. That means, he wants more than $114 million over six years. 

The Miami Dolphins signed Ndamukong Suh to a six-year, $114 million contract with $60 million in guarantees in last year’s offseason. The contract gave him the honor of the best paid defensive player in the league, a title Miller wants to take from him. Suh was most likely given such a fat contract because Miami has a subpar quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. The team needed to make up for shortcomings. Miller very well could be in the same boat Suh was. 

Broncos general manager John Elway says he’s excited about the situation with Miller. He thinks they can sign Miller without using the franchise tag. 

“I’m excited about it,” Elway told ESPN. “So far it’s been good, we’re in the ballpark, at least I believe so. I think we’re in the ballpark. … He’s a guy we’re going to keep around.”

“We’re discussing with Von,” Elway said. “We’ve exchanged some offers. We’ll continue to meet with his representatives. We feel good about it. Obviously with the career he’s had already and the way that he played this year, we’re very hopeful to get something done.”

Miller and his agent will likely want to start at the $60 million guaranteed, which was given to both Suh and Marcell Dareus by the Buffalo Bills

Miller believes that the Broncos will get the deal done. 

“If I was with any other organization, if I was with any other team, maybe I’d be worried about everything, but I’ve got John Elway. He’s played, he’s had experience with this whole process,” Miller said. “I feel comfortable. Me and John’s relationship is great. He was there when I was going through stuff and he never wavered. I feel like we won’t waver now either. It will be a great experience, and it will be peaceful — there’s no reason for it not to be.”

Of course, if the Broncos use the franchise tag, Miller will have to play for the Broncs next year, regardless of whether or not he wants to. However, if Miller won’t agree to a new deal, the Broncos would be insane not to force him to stay. 

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