Denver Nuggets Go Pre-Gameday Strip Clubbing, Spend Over $40,000

Denver Nuggets

Kenneth Faried and Will Barton put a lot of strippers through medical school last night. The two Denver Nuggets players paid a visit to VLive in Dallas. The team is in town to play the Mavericks on Friday night. 

TMZ Sports posted the video of Faried and Barton making it ran at the club. They threw money everywhere. Sources tell TMZ the NBA players got onstage and spent a combined $44,000. Kenneth dropped $15k and Will went a little further and spent a cool $29k. That’s an annual income for a middle class family. 

VLive is rated two stars on Yelp. However, according to the reviews, Nelly has partied there.

In December, the Bucks celebrated being the first team to beat the Golden State Warriors this season at a strip club. They hit up a Los Angeles club and partied until 2 A.M. They lost to the Los Angeles Lakers the next night.

Coach Jason Kidd wasn’t very happy with his team. 

Hopefully, the Nuggets can use the age excuse as well. Barton is only 25 while Faried is 26. 


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