Dallas Police Refer Johnny Manziel’s Domestic Violence Case To Grand Jury

Johnny Manziel

Things keep on getting worse for Johnny Manziel, as Dallas Police have referred the domestic violence case involving the troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback to a grand jury, which will decide whether or not to charge him on allegations that he attacked and assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. 

According to ESPN, the Dallas County District Attorney’s office is pursuing a misdemeanor charge of assault, which carries a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $4000 fine. The alleged incident which led to the investigation into the former Heisman winner out of Texas AM, occurred on January 30th in Fort Worth, Texas. During the incident, Manziel allegedly struck Crowley several times while the two argued inside his vehicle. The blows reportedly ruptured Crowley’s left ear drum. 

In the last month, Manziel has been dropped by both his agent, marketing agency and has lost his Nike endorsement. Along with the recent domestic violence accusations from Crowley, Manziel has been accused of showing up to team meetings intoxicated, skipping meetings to go to Las Vegas and wearing a disguise to avoid recognition, lying to the team about the origins of a video of him drinking, as well as being involved a domestic incident on the side of an Ohio highway. The Browns have already stated that they plan to cut ties with Manziel as earliest as March 9th when the new NFL season officially begins. 

At this point, it is pretty safe to say that Johnny Manziel is completely out of control off the field. Hopefully, the Dallas Police department and the legal system can bring Manziel to justice if, in fact, these accusations are true. The game of football and society, in general, has no place for a guy that simply cannot get his act together with drugs and alcohol and then decides to assault women. 

This case still has a long way to go, as even with the allegations being referred to a grand jury charges have still yet to be filed. For Manziel, however, his time in Cleveland has almost certainly run out. It will be interesting to see if any teams even bother going near “Johnny Football” after these tumultuous last few months. This kid needs some serious help, and right now, football is not the right medicine. 

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