Dwight Howard Talks About Kanye West Playing ‘Yeezus’ For Him In A Maternity Ward

Dwight Howard

Kanye West played the Yeezus album for Dwight Howard in a Los Angeles hospital while their partners were having babies. 

Back in June 2013, Kim Kardashian gave birth to daughter North West a little early. She had booked the best room in the maternity ward at Cedars-Sinai for around her due date. Since North was five weeks early, the big room was occupied by another couple. Kardashian didn’t get her fancy VIP birthing suit and had to give birth in a regular unit. This sent Kanye West on a quest to find out who booked his special room. It turns out, it was Howard and his latest baby mama. Howard reportedly has eight children by eight different women so he’s got the maternity ward on speed dial and likely always has the good room rented out. 

Howard shared details of the experience with Kanye during an interview with The Players’ Tribune: 

“My son and his daughter were in the same hospital when they were born,” Howard said. “He was down the hall from me. He was trying to figure out who bought the big room. ‘Yo, man, you bought the big room?’ I was like, ‘Nah, man, I didn’t know you was in here.’ He started playing one of his albums, and he really got into character. He’s rapping, and I felt like I was in a concert. This is in the maternity ward. After that, I was just so shocked that it was Kanye, I just couldn’t stop listening to Kanye for about three weeks.”

West previewed The Life of Pablo for Lamar Odom while he was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai. Kanye and Kim made regular visits to Odom’s hospital room while he recovered from an overdose. 

h/t Complex Sports

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