Colin Kaepernick To Compete With Blaine Gabbert For 49ers Starting QB Job

Colin Kaepernick

Chip Kelly and the 49ers will keep Colin Kaepernick, according to NBC Sports

Kaepernick will have to prove he’s the franchise quarterback. Team General Manager Trent Baalke told reporters that Kaepernick will remain on the 49ers’ roster through April 1. As soon as training camp begins, Kaepernick will compete with Blaine Gabbert for the starting job. Kaepernick was benched for Gabbert last season. 

Kaepernick has reportedly expressed interest in other teams, including the Jets. However, it looks like his east coast dreams are over. 

Baalke told reporters: 

“The good thing is that we’ve got two guys that have gone into games and proven they can play,” Baalke said. “Colin’s done some awful good things throughout his career (and) won some big games for the San Francisco 49ers. (We) expect him to come back… The main focus right now is health and getting him healthy. He’s doing a good job with his rehab. In talking to the medical staff, that seems to be going very well. Just look forward to getting him back and getting him working with this coaching staff.”

In other 49ers news, Reggie Bush told TMZ on Wednesday that he’s completely healthy and considering all offers. He’s currently a free agent. It’s unclear if the team is trying to resign him. 

“We feel pretty good with the guys we have, but we’re always looking,” Baalke said. “We’re certainly going to scour this draft and the free agent market that’s out there. There’s obviously not a lot of quarterbacks that make it to free agency, as we know, but we’re going to look at every avenue.” 

While Kelly is apparently excited to work with Colin, not much has been said about Bush

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