Pit Bull Dog Pack Attack Leaves Homeless Man In Critical Condition: Police Shoot, Kill One Of 3 Stray Dogs In Mauling

Pit bull pack attacks man in West Palm Beach

A homeless man is fighting for his life after he was viciously mauled by a pack of dogs in Florida early Wednesday morning. Police killed one of three stray American pit bull terriers suspected in the attack on the victim, this according to Palm Beach Post report. 

Deputies say a man was sleeping underneath an awning near a Yamaha dealership just north of Palm Beach International Airport when he came under attack by a pack of pit bull dogs. Animal Control officers and sheriff’s deputies arrived during the mauling.

The first responders tried in vain to separate the dogs from the victim at the Greater Motorsports of Palm Beach. Two of the canines fled the scene. A third dog was shot and killed when it apparently became aggressive.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department said several officers canvassed the area of the attack on Military Trail near Belvedere Road. However, they lost the trail of the other two dogs.

AC officers took possession of the dead animal. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear if the pack of pit bulls was registered to an owner or was strays.

The dog attack victim was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center and underwent surgery. No information was given about the nature and type of his injuries.

This latest pit bull dog attack underscores the need for more debate on how best to prevent clashes of this kind from occurring. Otherwise, the breed of dog, which has been implicated in several recent attacks, gets a bad rap, and sadly, euthanasia is the first line of defense.


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