Pilot denies assaulting Kenyan officer

Media captionThe film of the alleged assault has been widely shared on social media in Kenya (Credit: Citizen TV Royal Media Services)

The pilot filmed pushing a Kenyan policewoman who failed to stop people crowding round his helicopter has denied committing assault.

Alistair Patrick Llewelyn made a brief appearance at a magistrate’s court in central Kenya after handing himself in at a police station on Tuesday.

The film of the alleged assault has been widely shared on social media.

Mr Llewelyn had been transporting Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto shortly before the incident happened.

In a packed court, the pilot appeared calm as he denied the charges of assault and creating a disturbance, the BBC’s Robert Kiptoo reports.

He has now been remanded in custody and will make his next court appearance on Monday.

In the film, Mr Llewelyn can be seen approaching the policewoman and shouting at her that she is not doing her job by not controlling a crowd that was milling around the helicopter.

The policewoman’s response is not audible.

The pilot then grabs her baton, swears at her and moments later shoves her.

Mr Ruto described the incident as “unacceptable and regrettable”.

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