‘The Bachelorette’ 2016: Did Caila Quinn Or Amanda Stanton Get The Gig? Big Reveal Coming On ‘ATFR’

Caila Quinn Bachelorette

Which one of Ben Higgins’ ladies will become the next Bachelorette? Host Chris Harrison is expected to make the big reveal in just three weeks on the After the Final Rose special, but there’s a good possibility that the decision has already been made.

When show’s creator Mike Fleiss recently asked Bachelor fans who should hand out roses next, Becca Tilley and JoJo Fletcher were the two most mentioned names.

However, blogger Reality Steve says he doesn’t think that’s how it will go. While he initially thought the gig would go to Amanda Stanton, there’s a good chance Caila Quinn will be introduced as the Bachelorette 2016. Why Caila? Here’s the reason she may be picked over JoJo, Becca, and Amanda.

In January, Fleiss told Us Weekly that they are making “a concentrated effort” to tackle their diversity issue and cast a Bachelorette who is “non-white.”

Reality Steve states that “if they are telling the truth” and really want to make the diversity thing a reality, then Caila Quinn is the most logical choice. She’s in the top four (eliminated after the overnight dates) and, according to Reality TV World, she is half-Filipino.

“Caila’s beauty comes from her German, Irish, Swiss, and half-Filipino descent. Her mother immigrated from the Philippines when she was seven-years-old.”

The Bachelor franchise has been criticized for their lack of diversity over the years. In 20 seasons of the Bachelor and 11 seasons of the Bachelorette, there has only been one “non-Caucasian” lead — Juan Pablo Galavais, who was born in the U.S., raised in Venezuela, and now lives in Miami.

Despite their borderline valiant efforts, critics weren’t impressed with the show’s efforts, with LA Weekly calling Juan Pablo “the whitest Latino ever.”

Will Mike Fleiss and his crew follow through and finally bring some diversity to the Bachelorette?

Fans won’t know for sure until March 14 when ABC’s next leading lady is introduced on the After the Final Rose special. But the big question is, do fans really want to see Caila Quinn handing out roses just for the sake of being diverse?

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