Kyrie Irving Attacked By Bed Bugs In Haunted OKC Hotel

Kyrie Irving

Poor Kyrie Irving had a run-in with beg bugs at an Oklahoma City hotel

On Sunday, the point guard played only nine minutes in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder because of flu-like symptoms. It turns out, he had flu like symptoms because there isn’t a place in the injury report to write in bed bug issues. 

“I feel alright,” Irving said after scoring 30 points in Monday night’s loss to the Detroit Pistons. “Our team said I was out with flu-like symptoms. It was honestly from the bed bugs from the frickin Hilton that we stayed at. As you can see I got it at the top of my head, it’s just like bed bugs and I didn’t get any sleep. We came into the game, then I was freaked out, then I started feeling nauseous so it was just a whole bunch of BS honestly.”

The culprit is the 103-year-old Skirvin Hilton Hotel in OKC. The hotel is supposedly haunted and a big Thunder fan because many players have had scary and unexplainable experiences. Effie the housekeeper has been messing with Thunder opponents for years. According to the story, Effie had an affair with the hotel owner and became pregnant. He had Effie locked in a room where she gave birth. Afterwards, she jumped out a window with the child. 

“Everyone in the league knows about her,” said Caron Butler in 2014. Butler stayed at the Skirvin many times and then became a member of the Thunder. “Hopefully, she’ll haunt all the teams that come for the playoffs.

Over the years, the New York Knicks have blamed creaks and groans for sleepless nights. A Chicago Bulls player had his bathroom door slammed shut. A Phoenix Suns player woke to find his bathtub filled with water.

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