Who Is ‘Bachelor’ Contestant JoJo Fletcher’s Ex? Chad Rookstool Tries To Win JoJo Back From Ben Higgins

JoJo Fletcher The Bachelor

JoJo Fletcher’s ex-boyfriend Chad Rookstool and is he still in love with the Dallas real estate developer? Bachelor Ben Higgins may be shocked to find out that Chad is still in the picture during Monday night’s hometown dates episode.

According to Bustle, Chad owns a hair salon in Dallas, appropriately named Chad Rookstool Salon. He dated JoJo for an unknown length of time, but host Chris Harrison recently revealed that the Chad and JoJo broke up before she left to film the Bachelor in September.

“She is a little spitfire from Dallas,” Harrison tells Yahoo. “A free spirit, but recently went through a breakup. As strong and bold as she seems on the outside, she is a little gun shy and reluctant, to say the least.”

But get this — Reality Steve confirmed several months ago that Chad agreed to watch JoJo’s dog while she was away filming from September through November 2015. Now that’s love — or, at the very least, a great friendship post-relationship.

During JoJo’s hometown date with Ben, she opens the door to her home to find flowers and card on the doorstep. Ben is there to witness the surprise gift and it’s not from him — the card is signed, “Love, Chad.”

Is he wishing her well on the show or trying to get her back? Chances are this is yet another setup by Bachelor producers to create drama that boosts ratings and keeps fans talking.

However, JoJo did tell Ben earlier in the season that she had trust issues and hinted that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. Was she referring to Chad the Hairstylist or did another guy break her heart?

Cue the voice-over during ABC’s promo for Week 8 — we hear JoJo say, “My feelings are elsewhere” and immediately fans think that she is telling Ben goodbye.

Could it be that she tells Chad she doesn’t want his flowers because she found herself a new guy, but thanks for taking care of the dog?

Tune in to watch The Bachelor on Monday, February 22 to find out exactly what happens during JoJo’s hometown date with Ben.

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