Ben Affleck Moving On While Divorce From Jennifer Garner Continues Playing Out

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How is Ben Affleck moving on as his pending divorce from Jennifer Garner works is way through the process? A source reveals that as long as he keeps busy, Affleck is well.

“He is happier and a more fulfilled person when he’s busy all day and night working,” a film source tells People magazine. “He’s smart, dedicated and restless.”

When it comes to his romantic life, the insider explains that “he is not dating anyone.”

Ben Affleck is doing the best he can to stay positive as the divorce plays out. It’s not fun for anyone experiencing a high-profile split like Affleck and Garner are, another source tells the magazine

“Ben is doing great,” says the source. “He is as happy as he can be in this position. I don’t think it’s that easy, and definitely not that easy to do it in the public eye.”

A friend of the now split Hollywood couple say Affleck is “putting on a united front out of respect for the children and for her and for each other. On that Ben has never wavered.”

Ben is almost done filming his new movie, “Live By Night,” while Garner has begun promoting “Miracles From Heaven.”

In a separate interview by People, a family source reveals that Jennifer Garner is “much more relaxed and is enjoying life” The insider says it’s “great to see her happy again.”

Another source from the film industry notes that while Affleck and Garner “ are not [best] friends, but they share in the joy of their children.”

Last weekend Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their three children to Montana for a Valentine’s Day getaway. They also met up with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen at a ski resort where they were eating nachos and having drinks.

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