Kate Hudson Talks Father’s ‘Abandonment’ To Jenny McCarthy

kate hudson

Actress Kate Hudson has finally forgiven her biological father Bill Hudson for “abandoning” both her and brother Oliver when they were children. She no longer has ill feelings towards her biological father, Bill Hudson.

Hudson talked about her father during Jenny McCarthy’s talk show on Sirius XM, “Dirty Sexy Funny.”

“I think [Oliver and I] both probably suffered differently and very similarly to anybody who feels abandoned by a parent,” Hudson explained to McCarthy in the interview via Entertainment Tonight.

Bill Hudson was married to Goldie Hawn from 1976-1982. After the two split, Hudson rarely saw his children. Both Kate and Oliver were raised by Hawn’s partner Kurt Russell, whom the two consider their father.

“We can have a sense of humor about it together,” the actress commented to McCarthy. “We can sort of laugh at the challenges that we faced because of it — together. To be honest, our dad, who we don’t really know very well, is really funny …from what I remember when we were younger [he] had a great sense of humor. When we laugh about our father, we go, ‘We probably got that from him,” she shared honestly.

“Life is funny. I just feel so lucky. I actually feel like it was a blessing,” Hudson continued, “No matter what he goes through, I’m all forgiveness.”

After many years attempting to understand just why and how her life turned out the way it did in regards to her relationship with her father, Hudson realized that sometimes it’s okay if there are things that are out of your control.

“I work very hard to be self-sufficient, and I want to do it on my own,” Hudson shared of the realizations she came to later in life about what she has withstood as a child, and now as an actress and mother.

“But sometimes that puts up a defense mechanism. I spent a lot of time in my life softening. I think a lot of women feel that way,” she claimed.

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