Highlights From The Rob Gronkowski Party Cruise

Rob Gronkowski

The Rob Gronkowski kicked off his summer with a party cruise. The ship left from Miami and it will sail to the Bahamas, and Gronk’s “own private island” before returning to South Beach. 

Gronk’s joined by both Flo Rida, and Waka Flocka Flame to help entertain 2500 of New England Patriot’s closest friends/anybody who wanted to go. 

The party is 100% better than any Super Bowl party ever. However, the rest of the Patriots didn’t attend. 


When the DJs aren’t holding it down, Gronk takes over. 

Gronk dad even joined the party. He can dance. 

Gronk’s truly loving his life. And, you can forget about shirts. 

Gronk showed some new dance moves. He’s definitely progressed over the off seasons. 

ESPN’s Sarah Spain tagged along for the ride. Gronk isn’t the only one going crazy. 

Sarah Spain


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