Television Legend Tony Danza Returning To TV As Star Of ‘Sebastian’

tony danza

Tony Danza is returning to television in the comedy “Sebastian.” The former “Taxi” and “Who’s The Boss” star will head up a family comedy created by Greg Garcia, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Garcia is the creator of the sitcom “My Name Is Earl.”

The official NBC synopsis via a press release calls the show a “multi-cam comedy that stars comedian Sebastian Maniscalco as a guy whose old-school values, instilled by his opinionated Italian father are constantly put to the test by his new wife, her family and the absurdities of the modern world.”

Danza will play the father in the series.

This particular role brings Tony Danza back to the NBC family for the first time since he signed off on NBC’s “Taxi.” After starring in the James Burrows series, the actor starred on “Who’s The Boss” on ABC for eight successful seasons.

Danza took time away from television cameras in 2009 to teach English to 26 students in tenth grade at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School, a crowded inner-city school.

It was so much harder than I thought, emotionally grinding. Yes, it’s grueling, it’s 180 days, you gotta be there every moment and you’ve got to show them you care,” said Danza to Fox 411.

“The emotional tug of war that goes on is just unbelievable, and then in the midst of that if you feel that the system doesn’t support you, that you’re job is at risk, then it’s a very, very difficult situation to be in,” he recounted of the experience.

“I have children and grandkids. And then I got the chance to do it because I’m a celebrity and it was like the road not taken. I really wanted to try, and then when I did it, I thought I’d made the biggest mistake of my life,” Danza stated of his teaching experience.

“Sebastian” will likely air some time in 2016 on NBC.


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