Miley Cyrus Sends Blistering Message To Canada For Wolf Killings

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is blasting British Columbia for the killing of wolves from gunman in helicopters flying above the South Selkirk region. This is the second year for the culling.

An irate Cyrus tweeted, “f*** the f***ing wolf cull what the f***?!?!?!?! How the f*** is this happening! Let’s make it STOP!”

The BC Liberals is considered a conservative political party in Canada and has just concluded its second year of a 5-year plan to reduce the wolf population in the area,. The government believes that the animals are largely responsible for the declining caribou population. This approach so far hasn’t gone far in making a difference with the caribou. At this point, it’s not scientifically proven and has done very little in terms of saving the species.

A good number of biologists believe other variables have contributed to the troublesome caribou numbers. They cite logging and habitat destruction as the leading factors.

Along with Miley Cyrus’ blistering tweet about the killing of wolves, she attached a letter from the Wildlife Defense League, a British Columbia-based conservation organization, that indicated “all pack members, with the exception of a ‘Judas’ wolf, have been gunned down by helicopter.”

According to the report, a “Judas” wolf is kept alive so that it may be used as bait to “pack up with a new family,” which is then destroyed. In other words, a “Judas” wolf must witness its “family killed year after year by snipers in helicopters,” the Wildlife Defense League writes.

“Judas” wolves are collared and tracked during their journeys to find new families, which are then targeted by the government to be slaughtered.

Cyrus is a huge animal rights activist. In spite of the the many online petitions calling to end the wolf cull, nothing has been successful enough to turn over the decision.

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