Lisa Rinna Furious With Eating Disorder Rumors About Her

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is a very thin woman and some viewers have taken notice of her skinny body. Lisa says that she can stay skinny because she eats well and works out six times a week. But on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna’s co-stars hinted that she may have an eating disorder and the insinuation didn’t sit well with her. In fact, she’s still mad about it. According to a new report, Lisa Rinna is now revealing that she works hard to stay in shape.

“The word diet is never used in our house! I have two teenage daughters, and it’s just something that we don’t do,” Lisa Rinna revealed to Radar Online exclusively, sharing her health routine. “I eat healthy. I workout. I do yoga six times a week,” she said. “I want to be a role model for my daughters and show them what is healthy.” 

Rinna has two teenage daughters and one can imagine she wants them to have a healthy relationship to food and health. So, Lisa wasn’t happy when Kathryn Edwards decided to hint that Lisa wasn’t eating at her lunch and that she was just pushing food around on her plate.

“For Katherine to make that blanket statement about my eating habits was unfair,” she continued. “It’s irresponsible for Katherine to just throw that out there. Eating disorders are very, very serious. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. There has to be a thoughtful conversation about eating disorders. It can happen to anyone, and if someone is struggling with it, I would urge them to get help.”

It sounds like Rinna doesn’t want to be labeled as someone who has an eating disorder. And she doesn’t appreciate that Kathryn is pouring fuel on the fire with her comments.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s comments? Do you think she suffers from an eating disorder?

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