‘Hit The Floor’ Star Don Stark Dishes On Oscar’s Power Behind Bars

Hit The Floor

Season 3 of VH1’s Hit The Floor has not been kind to Oscar Kinkade, the ruthless team owner who appeared to have gotten his comeuppance when he was arrested. His start to this season has been rough and that’s putting it lightly, but Don Stark told us not to count Oscar out yet.

“Just because you’re behind bars doesn’t mean you don’t have the power,” he said in our recent interview. “Orange is a very powerful color these days, so orange is the new Oscar.”

When it was revealed in the Season 2 finale that Oscar was arrested for murder, Don told us that he had no idea where the storyline was headed. “We never know where it’s going,” he laughed. “From the very first episode, [series creator] James [LaRosa] holds everything close to the vest. He always has something in store for the beginning of the season and end of the season. There’s always shocking things that happen.”

That included the identity of who actually murdered Olivia Vincent (Charlotte Ross), an answer that even the cast didn’t have. “They shot five different endings. Nobody knew what the ending was,” Don continued.

“Everyone was guessing until we actually went to a live screening of the event and we all discovered it at the same time. The whole cast was together except Jonathan McDaniel, and we all found out who killed Olivia at the same time. Our mouths were wide open in complete shock.”

Oscar’s now the prime suspect in Olivia’s death, and he’s also part of perhaps TV’s most unholy marriage, as he and Lionel Davenport (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) tied the knot last season which has enabled Lionel to seize control of the team. We asked Don if that means Lionel and Oscar may eventually turn on one another.

“That’s what’s great about the show, is it’s such a spider web with all the characters,” he explained, “and this season has really upped the stakes, because now there’s so many more people vying to get that power.

“You’ve got Sloane Hayes, who I’m told is the one that’s had it out for me. She’s the one that has the information and that’s where we’re left at the end of season two,” he continued. “Lionel comes to me and says look we’re going to go after her together, we both have a problem, but things aren’t always what they seem.”

That means almost anything could happen. It would seem implausible that Oscar will spend the rest of Season 3 in his current state, so audiences will just have to wait and see what happens when he finds his way back into the game – and who he’ll work with and who he may work against to ultimately further his own agenda.

But that’s the fun of the role. After three seasons of Hit the Floor, Don is hoping that audiences are starting to see him a little bit differently. “Probably in my career I’ve played more bad guys than good guys,” he reflected. “But playing Bob in That 70’s Show for eight seasons, more the people in the business than outside the business think well that’s who you are, that’s what you do.

“Being able to play Oscar, who is as far away from Bob as you could possibly be, I get to do all these really powerful things. I get to be the dick in the suit,” he said. “It does change in terms of I get seen a lot more for white-collar, strong, tough, even bad guys. I’m doing more drama now than comedy. I still have some comedy stuff I’ve been working on, but I have a lot of drama. I think that’s because of this.”

Hit the Floor continues Monday at 10 PM on VH1.


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