Germany Syrians now waiting for their families

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More than a million migrants arrived in Germany last year, after the country threw open its doors to those fleeing the conflict in Syria. Many who arrived hoped that their families would be able to follow afterwards – but they are now finding the process is slow and difficult

“Wir schaffen das!” cried Angela Merkel last summer – “We can do this!” But her open-door policy has become mired in controversy, especially after the incidents in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, when women were assaulted by gangs of men, including some asylum seekers.

The German parliament is now passing laws that will restrict refugees’ ability to bring family members to Germany. However, because the situation in their home country is so perilous, many Syrians may yet be reunited with their families.

Here four explain their predicament.

Mohamed and Noor

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Mohamed with pictures of his son, one of the many thousands injured in the conflict

“I would never ever have come to Germany if it wasn’t for my son,” says Mohamed. His nine-year-old boy lost his leg in a bombing raid on their village in Syria. It could have been even worse – Mohamed says his nephew and 15 other children died in the same raid.

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