Casey Anthony Pregnant And Believes It’s A Sign For A Wonderful Future

casey anthony

Casey Anthony is reportedly pregnant. The now 29-year-old who was acquitted five years ago for murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee is supposedly expecting another child, Hollywood Life reports.

A more elaborate report by In Touch cites a source informing them that Casey Anthony is pregnant … and she believes it’s her chance to be a good mother.

“She’s telling friends her wish has come true and she’s pregnant,” the source says. “She believes she has a bright future and can be a good mom.”

Apparently, Casey isn’t telling anyone who the father is. Sadly, the insider reveals that Casey Anthony hasn’t changed at all when it comes to her old partying habits.

“It’s the same old Casey,” says the insider.

Anthony is allegedly heading to local bars in West Palm Beach and going back to her old ways.

Casey was found not guilty of her daughter’s murder in 2011 because prosecution didn’t have anything specific in terms of evidence linking her to the crime.

In Touch’s source adds that Casey is seeing a guy she met in the club scene and is the one she believes is the father of her baby. The source says Casey is “excited” about having another baby because it would help make her life “perfect.”

A separate source explains that Anthony thinks she has a new life of freedom with all good things to come.

It was reported a few months ago that Casey is embarking on a photography career. She has filed filed documents with Florida’s Division of Corporations and paid a $160 setup fee to create “Case Photography, LLC.”

Whether or not Casey Anthony is pregnant a mystery. Nothing has been confirmed, but time will tell if the acquitted “Tot Mom” is really expecting. If she is, she’ll be under intense scrutiny and skewered by the public.

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