Women’s Rights Group Wants Sponsors To Cut Ties With Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

UltraViolet calls for sponsors to end their relationship with the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning. The national women’s rights group requests that companies such as Papa John’s and Nationwide suspend their relationships with the quarterback in response to a 20-year-old sexual assault claim resurfacing. 

“When institutions like the University of Tennessee tacitly condone violence against women by ignoring cases of sexual assault by student-athletes, it perpetuates a dangerous culture of violence that ultimately hurts women everywhere,” said Nita Chaudhary in a press release obtained by ESPN

“Nationwide Insurance and Papa John’s Pizza must show their customers that they will never stand for sexual violence – and suspend their relationships with Manning pending (further) investigation.”

“While it is outrageous that the University of Tennessee chose to turn a blind eye to sexual violence by student athletes like Manning, it would be flat-out unacceptable for the NFL and major companies like Nationwide Insurance and Papa John’s Pizza to continue to stand with Manning in light of emerging evidence,” Chaudhary said. “The NFL should thoroughly investigate this incident before allowing Manning to play or work in (the) NFL again.”

Chaudhary is the co-founder of UltraViolet. 

In 1996, Manning allegedly rubbed his naked genitals on the face of Dr. Jamie Naughright while she was tending to him. At the time, she was a trainer at the University of Tennessee where Manning played football. Naughright filed a complaint with the university. It was later settled.

Manning would go on to write a book with his father. In it, the two described Naughright as having a “vulgar mouth.” She sued for defamation. 

On Feb. 9, Six unnamed women have filed a lawsuit against the University of Tennessee. Citing Manning’s incident with Dr. Naughright as an example, the women claim the school fostered a “hostile sexual environment.” 

The Denver quarterback hasn’t commented on the situation.

Manning vacationed in Mexico after winning Super Bowl 50 and a trip to Disney World with his children.

He recently made an appearance at an Orlando roofing expo. 


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